Maartje Lensink - Head of Dayorganization 

M: +31 (0)6 53 35 68 88

Hi! My name is Maartje Lensink, I’m 22 years old and this year I will fulfil the position as Head of Day Organization at the MARUG Conference! Currently I am studying International Business with an additional minor in Finance. The MARUG Conference attracted me since it is a great opportunity to organize a large and ambitious event. By organizing the largest marketing conference of the Netherlands, I want to inspire students and businesses to explore new marketing trends. Besides, the organization of the conference is a great opportunity to develop my skills and extend my network.

Previous semester, I had the opportunity to go abroad to Guangzhou, China, and decided to travel to many other places in Asia. It was a challenging experience in a way to adapt to the local culture of China. The semester abroad taught me to be open in diverse environments and to behave in different cultural surroundings. Apart from the desire to travel, I love to practice several sports such as hockey, sailing and running.

I am excited to be in charge of the day organization of the MARUG Conference and to organize the conference together with the MARUG Conference Board. I am sure that this will be a challenging and exciting period, and I am looking forward to the 26th of February!