About 3Sixtyfive

3sixtyfive is an award-winning influencer marketing agency which develops campaigns and programs for brands such as Tikkie, Dopper, Toyota, ING, Mercedes, KPMG and Save the Children. 

The agency is leading the industry since 2010 with futureproof influencer strategies and concepts for clients both B2C and B2B, and stands out in many ways. They are match makers, ensuring a perfect fit between brand, influencer and target audience. Second, they are innovators, creating buzz by combining creativity, technology and trends. And last but not least, they are impact creators. Both branding and sales effects from influencers will help brands grow their community and their revenue.

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Since 2017, 3sixtyfive has been part of the Endeavour Group, a group of agencies in the field of digital marketing. All different but complementary, and likeminded with an ambition to grow.