About AdResults

AdResults is a full-service strategic online marketing agency for e-commerce, retailers and brands in Groningen. Our team is specialized within SEA, SEO, Social Media Advertising and Marketplaces. Say what you do and do what you say. Honest and sincere, enthusiastic and committed; that’s our approach. With knowledge, expertise and commitment we improve results and provide the best services for clients like Mizuno, Smartphonehoesjes.nl, Volero and Zonnebrillen.com

Our team has a passion for online marketing. We’re always focused on how to make a campaign successful.  To create a strategy, we become intertwined with our clients’ businesses to find out what they find important. Connecting and collaborating is our key to success: to our clients and to our enthusiastic team.

We’re excited to present AdResults by giving a workshop at the MARUG conference day. We’ll give you an introduction to the world of online marketing and teach you more about our clients, services and great company culture. Be creative and get the chance to work on a case of an interesting client.

Become our next future consultant!

We offer extensive traineeships and allow you to become qualified in our services in search advertising, website optimization, social media advertising and online marketplaces (e.g., Amazon and Bol.com). Become part of a close-knit, cooperative and productive team with a lot of fun and great activities. We value our colleagues highly, because the right people with the right resources can move mountains.

Everything revolves around satisfied and enthusiastic clients, because that makes us enthusiastic too! We hope to meet you on the 26th of April, or stay up to date and connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.