About DataBay

Boosting business performance through data & technology 

Everybody is aware of the overwhelming amount of (customer) information available in our era of big data – but it isn’t always so obvious how to use that information to get a better grip on customer behaviour and how to get the customers’ attention. That’s where we come in. 

Databay uses actionable insights to help leading national and international players in all kinds of industries seize opportunities and realise constantly optimised return on investment through data-driven marketing (strategies).

By optimising the use of their data, our clients discover the right moment to get their message out to reach their customers; your favorite burger as coupon in the McDonald’s App, the best price for your Walibi ticket or the new HEMA commercial brought to you via the most optimal media channel.

Databay is an innovative marketing intelligence scale-up founded in 2005, and which is part of DDB Unlimited (‘the performance agency’). Databay’s clients include a wide range of local and international clients including McDonald’s, NVM, Philips and HEMA. 

We are proud of our connection with the (MA)RUG as many of our employees graduated from the RUG themselves. Maybe you will help to strengthen this connection, as we are always on the lookout for talents.

What can you expect from our workshop?

The Databay workshop will be very inspiring!

You are hired by the board of the ‘Caesar’s Palace’ casino to advise them on how to optimally communicate with their guests; both digital and in real-life. During the workshop, you will analyse the available data, come up with creative ideas and impress the board with a clear and convincing presentation.

This workshop is most applicable to students from the study programs Marketing Analytics and Data Science, Marketing Management, Marketing Information Systems, Economics and Econometrics. Or bachelor students with interest in this direction.

Please bring your laptop with Excel and PowerPoint to this workshop.