About DDB Unlimited: The performance agency

TribalDDB, Etcetera and Databay break open the market between advertising and consultancy. 

A completely new agency was founded on January 1st 2019. Its name is DDB Unlimited’. It’s a company with data and performance at its heart. And it’s the first creative agency to offer a compelling alternative to the hours-based payment system: guaranteed results.

DDB Unlimited is a new agency entity, built from scratch, to challenge the status quo by delivering high-end creativity, content and media within data-driven parameters. The new agency is built around the distinctive heritage and unique skills of 3 component parts: 

  • the strategic-creative heritage and digital skillset of DDB&Tribal; 

  • the local creative insight and change management skills of Etcetera; 

  • the 15 years of data analytics and precision marketing knowledge of Databay. 


DDB Unlimited is the most effective Dutch agency, winning over 80 Effies.

DDB Unlimited’s clients include a wide mix of local and international clients including KLM, Leaseplan, Adidas, Ben, McDonald’s, Kruidvat, Centraal Beheer, Unilever, Toyota, Bol.com, Marktplaats.

Go to www.ddbunlimited.nl for more information, our clients and cases.