About Merkle

Most agencies talk about bridging the data, creative and technical silos. We go one step further, and see opportunities to bring people and brands together and help companies move forward.

We are part of a global data driven marketing agency. In the Netherlands we work with more than 325 people in Amsterdam, Breda and Rotterdam. We are one team of smart doers and strong thinkers. Our headquarters are in Columbia, Maryland, US and we have 65 offices and 7200 employees around the world.

Although we have evolved over the years into the trendsetter in (digital) marketing, one thing has remained the same: our dedication to our customers. We always work as one team, 100% transparent to your goals. For the best companies in the Netherlands and abroad.

People-based marketing

We help you and your company move forward by working on services and products that are findable, available and easy to use. We build campaigns based on inspiration, driven by personal interest. Of course data and technology play a role, but always subordinate and supportive to put real people at the center.

This is how we build sustainable relationships together. With customers, society and our planet.

Moving you forward, moving our communities forward, moving marketing forward.