About Royal Grolsch N.V.

Brewing great moments with character!

Working at Grolsch means that you will contribute to the improvement, innovation and growth of our organization and to the increased satisfaction of our customers. It means working alongside colleagues with boundless ambition who are not afraid to make bold choices. We value people who set aspirational objectives, and deliver against commitments. This is done in an environment where trust is the foundation, because we believe that the best beer is made with the dedication of the best people!

We believe in owning performance. This makes working at our organization inspiring and challenging, and requires deliberate investment in your own personal development. In return, you can expect plenty of opportunities to learn and grown, an attractive remuneration package, and a working environment where true character is celebrated!

Did you know that Grolsch…

  • has a history that dates back to 1615?
  • is one of the oldest companies in the Netherlands? 
  • may call itself ‘Royal’ since 1995?
  • is part of Asahi Europe, and has a strong and diverse portfolio of brands including Grolsch, Kornuit, Peroni and Meantime?
  • has an office in Amsterdam?

Every year, we welcome a number of students for an inspiring internship or graduate spot, in various functional areas. So if you have a technical, financial or business background, and you are not afraid to take on real responsibility during your assignment, please check out the possibilities!

In addition, we select a number of high potential young graduates for an exclusive seat in our Young Development Program. This program is focused on developing future leaders of our organization, enabling them to build the competencies required to deliver within a high performance environment. Do you have the skills, character and ambition required for this program? Then we would love to meet you!

‘Craftsmanship is Mastery’

One of the Netherlands’ longest running, best known pay off in history. This claim has been reinforced by introducing dozens of exceptional specialty beers to the market. Nevertheless, anyone can claim “craftsmanship”, but you would have to prove it. This is what we have done for years with our masterpieces Grolsch Autumn Bock, Weizen and Kanon. In addition, we have innovated significantly in recent years with, for example, Grolsch Ripened Autumn Bock, Winter Bock and Weizen-IPA.

Grolsch has been able to call itself market leader in specialty beers for years, but the perception of the consumer often differs… You will undoubtedly have noticed that specialty beers are hot for the last couple of years. One after the other specialty beer is launched and craft breweries pop up everywhere.

A wonderful development, but as market leader, Grolsch cannot lean back. Recently we have launched Grolsch Proeverij (Tasting); a unique series of specialty beers from our Pilot Brewery. The Pilot Brewery is set up as a true craft house. An impressive environment where you can feel the rich history of Grolsch which serves as inspiration for future beers. Under the slogan ‘discover everything and keep the good’, our newest specialty beers are brewed here. The Pilot Brewery is a scale model (1:15) of the large brewery, and thus forms the heart of our innovation strategy. We can brew concoctions of 2000 liter, which can be scaled up to our big brewery if they are proven to be successful. This is unique in the Dutch beer market, for both big and small breweries.

Not leaning back the coming year results in a busy year for our Master Brewer Marc Janssen. He will brew 6 new specialty beers, which will be launched in 50 selected horeca outlets. A vital part of the Grolsch Tasting is that entrepreneurs as well as customers provide us with valuable feedback on the new beers, and thereby contribute to the decision of which innovations will be rolled out nationwide. Grolsch is able to innovate agile, respond to the many consumers who would like to discover and offer a rich assortment to entrepreneurs through Grolsch Tasting. In short, Grolsch has all ingredients to reinvigorate our market leadership and continue building “Craftsmanship is Mastery”, but this story needs to be told…