About L'Oréal

L’Oréal has been at the top of the cosmetics business for over 100 years, and is one of the largest FMCG companies in the world. Today, one billion consumers use our products and we aim to reach a billion new consumers by 2020. Our 27 brands meet different consumer needs and our diverse product portfolio contributes to confidence and self-esteem. To maintain our top position in the market, we need ambitious people, with strong convictions and believes. People who are courageous, take risks and challenge the status quo. We look for future leaders who are willing to go the extra mile and want to make a difference. We need talent.

At L’Oréal you’ll be working with driven and passionate colleagues, and management that will stimulate you to excel. L’Oréal offers an international and diverse work environment where fun, next to serious work, is fundamental. At L’Oréal, you’ll get responsibilities as of your first day. To develop you, we offer an introduction program, a mentor, coaching on the job and an individualized training track. At L’Oréal you’ll grow and develop fast and we believe that each career is unique.

The Workshop

L’Oréal’s Digital Marketing Workshop gives you the opportunity to gain an understanding in the daily activities of a marketer in 2018. As product strategies of L’Oréal lend themselves to marketing on Social Media and other digital touchpoints, we are looking for marketers who are Digitally Savvy and would like to apply this in practice. And of course, the Digital Marketing Workshop is a great opportunity to get to know L’Oréal The Netherlands and to convince us of your talent. Together with a couple of fellow students you will consider how you would launch a new product, with a strong focus on digital opportunities..The case is based on a real product launch from last year and gives a very good insight into what is involved in launching a product.