Business Lunch

During a business lunch, you will get to know the company in an informal way. This offers you the opportunity to ask all your questions about the company and hear their recruiters’ stories while enjoying a tasteful lunch at MartiniPlaza.

Business Lunch Hieroo (CV selected):

Hieroo is a consulting company that offers traineeships to young consultants. They aim to help with the rejuvenation, renewal and strengthening of organisations.

Business Lunch L’Oréal (CV selected): 

L’Oréal is the world’s largest cosmetics company. Their goal is to bring beauty to people all around the world, which they try to accomplish with their 36 international brands. They employ almost 90.000 people and they generated a revenue of 32 billion dollars in 2021.

Business Lunch Merkle (CV selected):

Merkle is a customer experience transformation business partner to the Fortune 1000. They operate in 50 offices spread across the world, and they apply a people-based marketing strategy in order to take personalisation to another level.

Business Lunch SchaalX (CV selected):

SchaalX helps organisations with recruitment & selection, interim mediation and training and development in marketing, communication and digitalisation. Among other things, they offer development programmes for young professionals to provide them the skills and knowledge required to participate in organisations.