Chairman of the day 

Rik van de Westelaken

Since 1999 Rik van de Westelaken has been working for the Dutch broadcasting company NOS. He started his career as an editor and reporter. Later on he became a news anchor for television (NOS News) and radio (NOS Radio 1 News). After 17 years of loyal and hard work for NOS, Rik joined the Dutch TV channel Net5. Where he presented several TV programmes. It was a new step in his career. For one of the programmes: ‘Rik Over De Grens’ Rik travelled all around the world looking for interesting stories to tell.

In addition, he presented ‘Team Vermissingen’ for the Dutch TV channel SBS6. ‘Team Vermissingen’ helps solve cold missing person cases with the help of its viewers and a team of experts in the field of crime and cold cases. He also presented the news program ‘EenVandaag’. Moreover, in recent years he was reporting for a few special broadcasts for NOS, such as the marriage and inauguration of King Willem-Alexander, the Paralympic Games in Peking 2008, the Liberation Day Concert and the day of national mourning with regard to the aircraft’s accident of MH17. In the next few months he will present the popular program ‘Wie is de Mol?’.