Chairman of the Conference Day

Gwen van Poorten is a Dutch presenter and mainly known for her work at the public broadcasting association BNN. On the 18th of February she will moderate the MARUG Conference Day. 

Gwen van Poorten started her career as a presenter of shows, productions and presented aftermovies for festivals, club tours and other events.

In 2012, Gwen started as a VJ for music channel Xite. From 2014, Gwen started working at BNN and presented "The Social Club". Later that year, she presented ‘Spuiten & Slikken’. A television show about sex and drugs.

In 2015 Gwen came up with her own concept, called "Behind the Viral". In this online program, Gwen visits the famous people behind the virals to get to know them better. Gwen made several series for her YouTube channel.

In 2017, Gwen became the presenter of the updated 'Spuiten en Slikken Special', '3 Op Reis' and participated in 'Roadtrippers', a Dutch television program in which two teams of three people in twenty days, with a limited budget, travel as far as possible from the starting point. Gwen also presented large studio shows such as De Nationale 00's test together with Jan Versteegh and De Nationale Sex test as a solo presenter.

Since July 2018, she left the public broadcaster to take new steps in her career. The res thread in this new phase is her YouTube channel. Since then, she has been seen as a presenter at Qdance, in collaboration with the AD, Gwen has set up the online program "Trucker Zoekt Vlam". And in the summer of 2019, she and Bram Krikke were reporters at RTL late night: The Summer of Art.