Marc van Eijs - Director information management Customer Marketing at KLM

KLM has the ambition to offer its customers the ultimate travel experience with digital innovation. Marc van Eijs (Director Information Management Customer Marketing at KLM) has 20 years of airline experience and will tell us about the broad field Artificial Intelligence is applied to at KLM: from engineering and maintenance to operations, customer service (by using bots) and, of course (in more detail) on the area of marketing. Marc is with his team working on the development and innovation of systems in the area of Loyalty, Customer Care, Campaign management, and Customer Data management. A key innovation topic is the development and usage of the 360 view of the customer for personalization of service and offers, using big data and AI  as enablers. KLM aims with these 
innovations to make the customer journey as hassle free and personalized as  possible. After this third keynote, you will understand what opportunities Artificial Intelligence offers in service industries!