The last speaker of the Conference day is Maarten Lens-FitzGerald.

Maarten instigates movements that shape the future. He is a Voice Evangelist, a thought leader, a consultant, and a keynote speaker. He advises c-level and boards of leading organizations on how to use the opportunities of the new media and thrive in continuous change.  Maarten founded the event series Open Voice, bi-monthly and on average 130 attendees. He also publishes the weekly Open Voice newsletter with the current Voice news as well as the Voice Cast, a podcast show with Business News Radio. All in English and for the European market. His book ‘Voice’ will be released in late 2019.

To explore the opportunity of Voice & older adults he successfully initiated the Project Zilver Consortium with Google, Insurer Achmea, and ANBO, the largest Dutch older adult organization, and the Dutch Government. It was just founded in Denmark with other countries going live shortly. 

Previously Maarten founded and exited successfully the largest Augmented Reality platform Layar and the future of work platform Teamily. Voice is Maarten’s 5th new medium, after AR, mobile, email, and web. Throughout his career, he has keynoted at many events from World Economic Forum, TED to Mobile World Congress.