Sanne Knoben & Rosanne van de Leemkolk will do the third keynote together. 

Sanne has been Sr. Branding Strategist at 3sixtyfive for little over a year now. All projects start with getting the basics right, which means she’s responsible for making sure strategy is on fleek. As influencer marketing touches upon the entire customer journey, integration with other marketing efforts is the biggest challenge. And of course most fun. Her experience in both e-commerce at de Bijenkorf and in innovation at Gategroup fed her focus on digital, and influencers have been a factor all throughout. 
The combination of creative and strategic thinking shows in Sanne’s education, with a BA in Design from the Academy of Fine Arts and a MA in Strategic Marketing from Maastricht University.

As 3sixtyfive’s Influencer Marketing Creative, Rosanne gets paid to spend hours surfing. Online. This is where she connects brands to credible creators and helps them tell their story in an authentic way. With more than 7 years of online marketing experience, she’s obsessed with innovating new ways of creating content and awesome concepts. As technology changes, so too do the people that use it. It’s her passion to stay ahead of the crowd. Her ideas and campaigns are rewarded with a Lovie and a German Design award, but she is someone who loves to party, so there’ll be more to follow.
Her educational background includes a BA in Art, Music and Design from the Academy for Popculture. She also has a MA in New Media and Digital Culture from Utrecht University.