TED talks (TNO & Qbit)

Next to the four keynotes there will be two TED talks during the Conference, which will shed a light on the privacy and ethical side of Artificial Intelligence.

TNO - Leon Kester

Does ethical Artificial Intelligence exist? How do we harness the benefits of AI while respecting our laws and ethical principles? TNO is working on different ways to achieve this and is a global leader in this field. Leon Kester deals with the relationship between AI and ethics. He sees AI as a mirror that confronts us with our limitations as human beings.This forces us to think about what we want to achieve together with AI and about the corresponding limits we want to set. There are, of course, threats. The intelligence of AI systems does not yet exceed the overall intelligence of people, but most experts believe that this will happen in the not too distant future. In order to keep this development manageable, more action is urgently needed, particularly in the area of ethics. There are applications that we in Europe find downright undesirable, such as the control of citizens by the government.

We have to make sure that AI does what we people want it to do, preferably in the interests of society as a whole. You cannot leave that to specialists who only oversee their particular field or to stakeholders, such as companies that earn money from AI. It requires a structural approach and that is a matter for all of us. During his TED talk, Leon will tell us about ways to apply AI from an ethical perspective.

Qbit - Erik Rutkens

Erik Rutkens is founder and CEO of Qbit Cyber Security. He studied Business Administration at the University of Groningen. With more than 20 years of experience in the IT security world, Erik knows what new threats lurk and what organizations can do to protect themselves against this. He regularly speaks and writes about trends, new developments and laws and regulations in the field of information security and the Internet of Things. Qbit is an independent IT company with the ambition to make the Netherlands and the rest of the world a bit safer. Erik, with passion and conviction, makes it clear to the public why we should embrace good hackers. Erik compares the current internet with the Wild West. A raw, adventurous, partly lawless society of freebooters. The question is not whether you are hacked, but when. How do you survive in that raw, partly lawless world of the internet?

Qbit stands for high-tech and efficiency, we are for the customer what Q is for James Bond, the analytical partner who is competent and modest, the partner who provides you with creative solutions and new gadgets that always work when it comes to it. During his TED talk, Erik will tell us about the threats and privacy concerns of AI.