The Power of Human Connection - get attention by giving attention

As Seth Godin once said, marketing is a contest for people’s attention. This applies now more than ever before. We live within a tsunami of non-stop advertising, where more content is published each day than there are humans alive to consume it. This abundance of content, the so-called content shock, has forced us customers to divide our attention more carefully and selectively. We don’t have the time nor patience to read through everything. Our attention has become a scarce resource - a person only has so much of it. 

More content production, less consumer attention. Now marketeers face the biggest challenge in the current world of marketing: how to stand out and get the attention of your target audience in a world in which we are drowning in content?

Bill Gates wrote the essay ‘Content is King’ in 1996. Now, in 2021, the community is not going to be engaged by content alone. Consumers are looking for a human connection. They are looking for empathy, recognition and appreciation. It’s about people, not about posts. Attention is given to the brands that consumers feel a connection with - to the brands that both act human and have a purpose that they align to. 

Therefore, human-centered marketing has become more important now than ever before. Brands should recognize that they are selling to humans and convey this in the way they speak and the topics that they speak about. The focus should be on creating a human connection. Get attention by giving attention; that is the base of human-centered marketing.

In the 33rd MARUG Marketing Conference, on the 26th of April 2022, we are going to focus on the Power of Human Connection. We will discuss several methods and examples where the focus is on creating a sustainable relationship with the customer, on getting the attention of the customer by giving attention to the customer. This MARUG Conference is about the next level of marketing, which can no longer be classified as Business-To-Business or Business-To-Consumer. The marketing of the future is Human-to-Huma