Currently, the 32th MARUG Conference Board is deciding on this year's theme. Stay tuned to find out what this theme will be. 

Last year's theme:

Blurring Boundaries, when new channels blend in..

With the ongoing digital transformation, new technologies get integrated increasingly more into our daily lives. New channels such as mobile apps, social media, smartwatches, Google Home and Google Glasses are incorporated into our day to day business. Customers engage with companies in a variety of ways and across various platforms. They expect a smooth customer experience during the entire customer journey. More than ever marketing strategies need to be adjusted at that same rapid speed to suit the customer demands. The biggest challenge is to connect all touchpoints of each customer in such a way, that no matter which journey the customer chooses to take, the experience is consistent. This calls for an omnichannel marketing strategy where the boundaries between the different channels are blurry. 

Omnichannel marketing is the idea of creating one seamless message that is consistent across the different channels and platforms to provide a personalized customer experience. Channel experiences are influenced by elements such as visual design, content, tone of voice and functionality. Creating consistency among these elements on every channel improves the customer experience as well as the brand image. In addition, each customer has its unique needs, uses different channels and platforms and is comfortable with different marketing approaches. Especially the personalization that comes along with omnichannel marketing is what the customer is looking for. Personalized customer engagement through the different channels is a challenge, but if it is successfully implemented it has the potential to be one of the key strengths of a company. 

During the MARUG Conference we will discuss several new channels such as augmented reality and virtual reality, conversational interfaces such as voice and chatbots, social media and the internet of things. In addition, the opportunities and challenges of blending in new channels into the existing marketing strategy. Lastly, we will dive deeper into discussions concerning the digitalization and its effect on customers.