Blurring Boundaries, when new channels blend in..

The following subthemes will be discussed at the 31st MARUG Conference!

Subtheme: Social Media

On average we spend 2,5 hours a day (!) on social media. This brings opportunities along for setting up new marketing campaigns on the social media platforms. Especially influencer marketing has received greater attention the last few years. More and more companies see influencer marketing as an important tool to reach their target groups. But how to determine which brand influencers to use? And how to make sure they fit with your target group? These questions will be answered in one of the keynotes at the MARUG Conference at the 18th of February. 

Subtheme: Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality 

Branding is hard, but differentiation even harder. Within a competitive environment brands have to stand out from the competition. Augmented and virtual reality are channels that get integrated into marketing strategies to build a strong customer relation. It has the ability to connect the physical and digital world and could therefore be a valuable channel within the omnichannel marketing strategies. How to implement it in the right way? This question will be answered in one of the keynotes at the MARUG Conference.

Subtheme: Bricks & Clicks

In the digitalizing world the physical aspect of marketing may easily be forgotten. However, it should not be underestimated. Marketers have focused on digital channels in recent years, but physical marketing has never lost its impact on customers. In a physical store, the customer is able to touch and experience the products and service. It is the perfect opportunity for a brand to build customer loyalty. It is personal. How to create brand loyalty by offering the ultimate customer experience? Come find out at the MARUG Conference at the 18th of February.

The rest of the subthemes will be announced soon!