Subtheme 1: Online explosion (e-commerce)

In just a few months time, the consumer behaviour changed drastically. The digital sales boomed! Customers were no longer allowed to visit brick and mortar stores, so the products had to be delivered to them safely, at home. COVID-19 lit the fuse for an online explosion of a size that has never been seen before. Webstores experienced growth of 30% to sometimes even 800% in sales. Companies suddenly had to contend with the increased customer demand and tight capacity. Often these webshops are not (yet) sufficiently equipped to meet the larger and sudden customer demand. The calm waters which were once, drastically transformed into a tsunami of online packages. Because of this explosion companies are finding themselves in troubled waters. It’s crucial that companies stay afloat and find a way to successfully drift along with those changing tides. 


Subtheme 2: Personalisation

Customers have never been more active online than right now, and it is up to companies to make good use of this. Society is being flooded with irrelevant and meaningless information, day in day out. Consumers no longer enjoy generic ads that have no real connection to them. Companies need to ensure that communication sent to their customers is aligned with each individual’s personal needs and behaviour. The wrong communication to the wrong person - on the wrong day, may end up in firms losing precious customers. That is something no business can afford in a  time when retaining every single customer is crucial. To provide a truly personalized experience whilst being useful and thoughtful, businesses need to have data and analytical expertise. Personalization is a great way to stand out from the crowd and build a strong and personal relationship with your customer! 


Subtheme 3: Content Marketing

Stressful situations can inspire incredible creativity! Businesses are orienting themselves more and more on indirect approaches. Content marketing is essential in bridging the gap and making the public feel your closeness. The content designed must add value and respond to the needs of the public. If used properly, content can help you spread the message that increases the loyalty of your customers, strengthens your reputation and creates engagement. It is the right timing to refresh your strategy and test out some new formats, new ways of reaching your audience, and new creatives. Companies should see this as the ideal moment to show their human face whilst selling their products and services. Use the time to get to know your customers better. Interact with them, engage them and research their needs. It is vital to spread relevant information that appeals to and enriches the customer’s life. Interactive content provides marketers with a way to engage their target audience with intriguing experiences, information, or useful insights.