Workshop 3sixtyfive

During the workshop, 3sixtyfive will guide the audience through the exciting world of influencer marketing. As this marketing channel is relatively new, there are loads of insights and learnings to share in this session. Where B2C has fully integrated influencer marketing into its marketing mix, B2B is currently starting to embrace thought leaders as influencers. 


After a short introduction on influencer marketing and the mechanics behind it, we’ll get practical and start the journey of our workshop participants. What is your product or service, which target audience would you like to reach and which traditional marketing challenges do you face? And how could influencer marketing solve this, in a creative and impactful way? Whether it’s branding or sales, long-term or short-term, B2C or B2B, our ambition is to give everyone a deep dive into influencer marketing that you can take home and build a future proof strategy from. This workshop will give you all practical tools needed to reach and activate your own audience.