About Capgemini (MARUG Conference 2019)

Paying back a friend, checking whether a product is in stock at a store or tracking a parcel. Without realizing it, you already come in contact with Capgemini frequently in all sorts of ways. We work with our clients to create business IT solutions that are geared to their customer’s needs and yield concrete results. Our experts really make an impactful contribution to the daily lives of our clients and their customers.

Choose a career that is a good fit

A typical consultancy firm? No, that’s not us. We do not have fixed frameworks and your path is undoubtedly not set in stone either. You are the one who decides how your career progresses at our organization. And what direction you move in. Do you want to specialize and become an expert, for instance, or advance to senior management? Whatever your ambitions, as a professional you have the freedom to decide your own course.

All you can train

While a few years ago we were fiddling with our text messages to fit within the prescribed number of characters, texting apps have now given us free reign. It is almost impossible to keep up with technology. If you want to continue to excel as an IT professional in this digital world, it is crucial to keep your knowledge up to speed. Fortunately, you are in the right place at Capgemini. Our ‘All You Can Train’ program gives you access to more than a hundred training and education courses. So you can continue to develop your knowledge and talents.

Our people

A fanatic xylophonist, enthusiastic Star Wars merchandise collector or creative cartoonist? You are free to be yourself at Capgemini! It is your talent that counts. Our colleagues see cooperation as one of the most important core values. We help each other out when we have questions and when we take on a challenge, but are also happy to schedule meetings purely to ‘catch up’. Because IT is not just about technologies and methods. Above all, it is about people.

What impact will you have?

Online banking, smart energy meters and various business and logistics applications. Our colleagues work on the most divergent and challenging projects for clients in the Netherlands and abroad. If you too would like to have an impact and contribute to terrific new projects, visit werkenbijcapgemini.nl.

About the workshop (EN)

Join the Customer Experience Workshop with Capgemini Invent!

Are you excited about how new technologies will impact the customer experience of tomorrow? Do you want to help organizations to be successful in their digital transformation? Are you curious about how Artificial Intelligence will impact customer experience? Then you should join the Customer Experience workshop from Capgemini Invent!

Artificial intelligence (AI) – the secret sauce of personalized experiences from Siri and Alexa to news feeds and chatbots – is poised to impact business and our economy as dramatically as the Industrial Revolution, the Information Age, the Internet, and the advent of mobile devices.

Most enterprises are familiar with the concept of AI – usually in the context of machine learning. But universally, organizations don’t understand yet the full scope of AI and how it can be practically applied in their enterprise. At Capgemini, we believe that the secret to winning customers’ hearts with Artificial Intelligence lies in adding Human Intelligence.

In the workshop you will design an AI-driven customer journey for an international brand while using strategy, data, technology and creative design skills. You will experience what it is like to work as a Customer Engagement Consultant at Capgemini Invent, but also will get the opportunity to ask your questions to the consultants.

We are looking forward to see you at the Customer Experience workshop!