Nowadays, it is necessary that the online and offline channels are seamlessly integrated to optimize the customer journey. The continuously developing market forces firms to act on this, otherwise they tend to fall behind. Therefore, at, we look at opportunities to develop such an integrated strategy to help our clients the best way possible. One of these clients is Nedgame. Nedgame is a videogame- and merchandise shop. Besides the online webshop, Nedgame runs 12 brick-and-mortar stores located in the Netherlands. In the workshop we challenge you to develop and omnichannel strategy for Nedgame, using different models such as the  ́See Think Do Care ́ (STDC) model from Google and the Proposition x Website x Campaign (PxWxC) model. In this strategy, consider integrating different online channels such as Google Ads, Social Media Advertising and Marketplaces. However, do not forget to incorporate the brick-and-mortar stores into this strategy in a creative way. Perhaps you can surprise us with a channel or an idea that we have not considered before! We are looking forward to meet you on the 18th.