About Fundament (MARUG Conference 2019)

At Fundament All Media we make a connection in every aspect. With our customers and with each other. We are an open, driven, gregarious, and creative organization. At Fundament All Media everyone is equal and has an equal voice. There are many opportunities to develop yourself, for example by following courses and practises to grow to other functions in the company. We learn a lot and we like to share our knowledge during knowhow and lunch sessions. Everyone is the face of Fundament All Media, together we are the FAMily!

About the workshop (NL)

Fundament All Media - make the connection
Subject: Customer journey

Together we will work on the customer journey of the most important and biggest purchase in the life of a consumer!  How does a marketeer get the right information at the right time for potential customers, so that they make a well informed and deliberate choice of the housing in your project?