About L'Oréal (MARUG Conference 2019)

Sure, with 82,600 employees, 34 international brands and a sales revenue of €26.02 billion in 2017, L’Oréal is one of the largest FMCG companies worldwide.

However, during our 100th anniversary in 2009, we spent very little time on looking back. The digital revolution started disrupting every industry on the planet, so we could not rest on our laurels. Instead, our CEO Jean-Paul Agon envisioned that the time had come to disrupt our own industry. He said: “Digital is not the cherry on the cake, it is the new cake”.

Since then we digitally upskilled all our employees and acquired Tech start-ups that help us to develop amazing new experiences for our consumers. One of the newest examples of this ModiFace, a start-up fully focused on Augmented Reality (check out our workshop for more info regarding Modiface!). Through these initiatives, L’Oréal is becoming more than a Beauty company, we’re becoming a Tech company.

Our people are essential in creating the digital future of beauty. For you this means that we are always looking for talented and passionate people who want to shape the future of our industry. To help them help us, we focus on personal development. Every employee has different needs and by creating a unique development plan for every individual, we will help you to achieve your goals and even go way beyond them.

As an intern, you will become part of the Intern Development Program, which is a program that guarantees your personal and professional growth. Doing an internship at L’Oréal will help you decide which Master Degree or professional career you should pursue.

It’s also the perfect way to learn more about our Young Graduate Program, the learning program for our young professionals. We believe in empowerment at the lowest level of the organization, so as a junior you will get real responsibilities from day one. Of course, you will get a personalized development track to help you build your own career, driven by your ambitions and capacities.

Do you want to lead the future of consumer experiences in FMCG?

Innovation is changing the game in all our fields of expertise, so scan the QR code below to find out more about the opportunities in Marketing, Commerce, Digital, Finance, Supply Chain, HR and Communications:


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About the workshop (NL)

Get to know the Digital world of L’Oréal!’

Digital @ L’Oréal? We are one of the most digital FMCG companies in the world! Every day we are looking for new digital tools, strategies and other solutions to connect with our consumers.

One of our newest and one of the most exciting tools we will implement on short term is ModiFace – Augmented Reality technology for beauty brands. We want to take the next step in AR, together with our Tech partners, like Facebook and Google. We are no longer a beauty company who only sells shampoo or mascara: we are a tech player in the beauty market. We want to change the way companies communicate with consumers, by giving people the best experience through our digital initiatives.

So, what will this looks like? That’s one important question we would like to ask you in our workshop! Together with around 20 students we will look to ways to implement Modiface in our marketing strategies. You will learn from our experienced digital professionals, but our experts can’t wait to learn from your innovative minds as well..!

Want to know more about ModiFace? Check it out here:


Want to be part of this digital revolution? Apply for this workshop immediately! ;)

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