About KPN                                                                                                                                                   

Working at KPN means working at one of the largest companies in the Netherlands in a very challenging innovation market and leading in the field of data-driven marketing. KPN has a large data lake with infinite opportunities and possibilities. We challenge you to identify these new opportunities and possibilities and create value for our customers with your optimal data skills, creativity, perseverance and fresh look!

The Workshop

The KPN business-case we will give you the opportunity to show your best analysis and prediction skills, in combination with a data-driven marketing advice. We will ask you to analyse and predict the needs of KPN customers for now and in the future. Prior analyses have shown that loyal customers are customers who possess a KPN Home product (Internet and Television), as well as multiple mobile subscriptions within their household. Our Commercial Board requests you to do a follow-up analysis, in which they want to get data-driven proof on how we should move our customer base to this product proposition. The case we provide is based on day-to-day KPN business challenges and comes with real (anonymized) KPN customer data, to give the most realistic experience of working at KPN.