Lecture about: the shift from traditional paid media to content paid media

Liane Voerman
Professor of Marketing at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

I studied Business Economics at the University of Groningen from 1990 till 1995. In the course of my study, I became especially interested in marketing and marketing research. I started working at the Department of Marketing at the Faculty of Economics and Business as a PhD student, back in 1996. After that, I became a lecturer and, some years later, the program coordinator of the MSc Marketing. Today, I am an experienced lecturer, holding both the UTQ and STQ, and combine this with being the program director of the BSc Bedrijfskunde (Business Administration). I still try to teach, as I do love teaching. Right now, I teach the bachelor course International Marketing, and the master course Retail Marketing. Besides, I supervise master thesis students on the topic of e-WOM and online consumer reviews. As the program director of the BSc Bedrijfskunde, I try to make sure the quality of the BSc Bedrijfskunde and the courses remains high, and that the content is relevant for the business field. My goal as a teacher is to teach students both the theoretical background of marketing issues and how to apply them in practical situations. In this, a proper academic attitude and academic skills are necessary. More importantly, I try to communicate the relevance and fun of marketing and marketing research to my students.