Live interview

Perre van den Brink
Managing Director of Virtue, creative agency of  VICE Media

Perre van den Brink is Managing Director of VIRTUE, VICE’ full-service creative agency that creates cultural value for International brands through stories. Leveraging on data and technology of the global VICE editorial powerhouse, VIRTUE Worldwide creates these stories to deliver tangible commercial impact. Prior to that Perre was Head of Content at VICE, leading the editorial teams and the creative team of VIRTUE. In that role he realised a growth of 1 platform to 11, and from a team of 3 to about 40. After working for brands such as DIESEL and Levi Strauss & Co., Perre used to be the editor-in-chief of Dutch fashion, arts and culture magazine BLEND Magazine. In addition to his experience in working with brands and within media, he has his own menswear clothing label.

About VICE Media:
VICE is the largest mediabrand of the world that focuses on young people. In 1994 the first VICE magazine was published in Canada, and is now visible in almost forty countries. VICE Media exists of an international network of digital platforms, a TV Channel called VICELAND, a film production company, a magazine, a record label, a creative agency VIRTUE and a publishing house. The documentaires, programs and articles that VICE makes are shared via online, linear, mobile and social channels and reach hundreds of millions of people every month.