Last year's theme was:

Contagious Content:
Stand Out from the Crowd!

Do you remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Because of this challenge, which was shared by celebrities and thousands of people worldwide, the ALS Foundation raised 80 million dollars. A good example of content marketing where the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content are key for success.

Every day, we scroll through hundreds of messages on social media and as a consumer we are constantly overwhelmed by advertisements and offers. It is therefore crucial that a company makes its content contagious in an environment where there exists an overload of information. During the 29th MARUG Marketing Conference we immersed ourselves in the possibilities of content marketing. Inspiring speakers presented how their firms have applied content marketing as their marketing strategy and how they managed to succeed.

The first (online) contact with a customer is very decisive. Face to face , we form a first impression within 30 seconds. But on social media this happens within 3 seconds. By telling a story you can grab the consumer and generate feelings. Vloggers and influencers inspire you to think about a product or a service. Because of their social attractiveness and likeability, vloggers and influences are seen as relatable by their followers more than ever compared to traditional idols. Furthermore, the mobile phone takes the upper hand in society, where firms need to respond to. By playing with the possibilities of mobile content, the firm is one step ahead of the competition. With all these opportunities of content marketing, where do you have to pay attention to? And how do you know which tool is the best for your product or service?

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