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The theme of the 34th MARUG Conference is;

Road to Relevance - Navigate your way to success


All over the world there are expectations which are constantly increasing, and we have to keep up with them. It is important to be innovative, useful and also keep up with the times. In this way you can distinguish yourself as a company or individual from the competition, but you can also achieve a greater social reach.

These are aspects that are receiving a lot of attention today. The use of digital media has made the market extremely transparent, which greatly facilitates public criticism towards companies, as well as raising expectations. Companies must learn to deal with and respond to this. They must use this transparency to grow further into a company that innovates in such a way that they are and remain relevant.

Nowadays, we no longer just look at what a company offers, it goes much further than that. We look at the characteristics of the company, what they stand for and how they show this.To achieve this, it is extremely important for companies to know your audience, they are asked to build a relationship with their future customers.

Here we see a change emerging that we need to pay attention to, marketing transformation. The expectations of customers are changing and so companies have to grow with it.It is not just about relevance with companies and what steps they take to keep up with the times. The pressure on individuals is also increasing. How can you distinguish yourself from the rest and how do you maintain your relevance over time? Behind everyone is a story. It is not about the story to the top, it is about your story to the top.

Customers demand more and better. Better from companies and the relationship between them and more is about the higher expectations at different stages.