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What do you stand for?

If you want to be/remain relevant as a company, it is important that you express your standards and values in a good way. Of course, specifying your customer target group is an important part of this.

What do you want to radiate as a company, what do you stand for and how will you express this within your marketing strategy. As a company, you are nowadays more and more closely watched as to which expressions are supported, which campaigns they would like to give their name to, but also what they take their hands off.

Companies are increasingly using role models to demonstrate their equality, diversity and inclusion policies. But in this way you will of course always be confronted with a certain group of people.

Multinationals often have to deal with this. They are often based in different countries that look at ethnic and cultural issues differently. How do you deal with this as a multinational, in what way do you adjust your marketing strategy so that you do not offend anyone?

Otherwise, this could lead to a lot of criticism. It is therefore not easy for a multinational in the contemporary era to take a stance on diversity, equality and inclusion.

This can lead to a nice discussion, which we would like to stimulate through critical questions.