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Elevation Group

About Elevation Group

Elevation Group is a full-service partner for IT staffing. Every day, we connect our clients with top-notch IT professionals, always striving for the best in the market.
We recently won the prestigious Gold FD Gazellen Award 2023, solidifying our position as the fastest-growing company in the Netherlands. Are you ready to grow with us?

Founded in 2012 by Floris Bouwman and Chris Wood, Elevation Group began with a clear focus on growth and success. With Floris' drive and Chris' win-win mentality, a high-performance culture emerged. At Elevation, the future is full of opportunities, and you are responsible for your own success. The journey of Elevation Group has just begun, but the ambition is big; Elevation Group aims to become the leading full-service partner in IT staffing in the Netherlands and Germany in the coming years.

Join us for growth
As you can imagine, you'll find a workplace that fosters rapid personal growth. In a high-
performance culture where teamwork is key, you'll strive for excellence every day. Our various commercial roles offer plenty of challenges, inspiration, and motivation.

Build your own business
At Elevation Group, you can position yourself as an expert in labor market mediation, build your own business by attracting and maintaining client relationships, and take charge of matching the best IT professionals.

Celebrate together
Our Elevation Academy ensures that you develop into a true professional. And of course, we celebrate our successes as often as possible, and always together.

Ready to accelerate your career? Bring it on. If you don’t rock the boat, you don’t get waves!

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