MARUG Conference

MARUG Conference March 12 2024

In March 2024, the MARUG Marketing Conference will take place.

During this day students and companies who are interested in marketing meet to exchange ideas and study interesting cases about marketing and the theme of the day.


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MARUG Marketing Conference

The MARUG Marketing Conference is the biggest student marketing event in the Netherlands. This day brings together students and companies interested in marketing to exchange ideas through a series of engaging lectures, workshops and masterclasses, all centred around the theme of the day. The event also features multiple recruitment opportunities, including lunch, dinner and social gatherings, fostering connections between students and companies. With its promise of an enlighting and inspiring experience, be sure to save the date!


Biggest student marketing conference in the Netherlands, with 350 participants! 


Establish connections through formal and informal opportunities: Like lectures, workshops, masterclasses, recruitment lunches and dinners and a social! 


Broaden your horizon and expand your knowledge with Inspiring speakers, companies, cases and fellow students.






    Euroborg - Boumaboulevard 41, 9723 ZS Groningen