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Guest blog

An outstanding award for good employment practices. As an organisation, you don’t bag one of these just like that. What does Nederlandse Loterij have to thank for its ‘World Class Workplace Award’? We put that question to Bobby Leeuwenkamp, Reyoneal Willems and Emy Piers.

Bobby – employed as Social Advertising Specialist at Nederlandse Loterij – saw in Nederlandse Loterij the ideal organisation for getting her career as a young professional off to a flying start. “You get lots of space at Nederlandse Loterij for putting your own stamp on projects.” The award came as no surprise to her. “At Nederlandse Loterij, you’re valued for who you are. Or putting it another way: you can be yourself. That’s what struck me most about Nederlandse Loterij as an organisation; it’s a warm organisation, where I immediately felt at home.”

“I was immediately impressed by the way in which people work together at Nederlandse Loterij.”

For Casino Coordinator Reyoneal, one of the things that makes Nederlandse Loterij a good employer is its collaborative thinking and flexibility. “This is noticeable, for example, in the opportunities the organisation offers for working from home.” The approachable and open nature also makes Reyoneal feel really at home. “I was immediately impressed by the way in which people work together at Nederlandse Loterij. For example, it’s easy for me to approach colleagues from a different department with questions. Everyone’s door is always open.”

Emy – Head of Strategic Programmes & Portfolio Management – chose Nederlandse Loterij a few years ago because its core values and working atmosphere appealed to her. She enjoys working for the organisation, partly on account of the opportunities she gets for training and personal development. “I also like the way in which the organisation looks after its employees. I remember having staff meetings during the pandemic and the main message was: make sure everything is OK with your families.” At Nederlandse Loterij, the milestones achieved don’t go unnoticed. “The successes we achieve either as individuals or as teams are named and valued. Moreover, the contribution we make together to protect consumers and give monetary support to sport and good causes induces positive energy.”

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