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Guest blog

Kickstart your career at Wehkamp

In the upcoming 500 words, I, Chantal, will take you on a work trip with me to Wehkamp Retail Group, currently consisting of Wehkamp, and Union River. I started working for Wehkamp as Junior Marketing Analyst in May 2021, straight from university. Close to 3 years
later, I’m responsible for multiple company analyses and market research with various partners, like DVJ. Some things that surprised me over these three years:

Despite the name Marketing Analytics, the activities of the team are actually a lot broader than solely marketing related. With a team of roughly 8 people, we support the online marketing teams, campaign teams, as well as Buying & Sales and lately even Customer Service. Working for different departments entails varying processes and activities, such as dashboarding, A/B testing or data processing. While most colleagues have some focus on either of the departments, we collectively help each other and are happy to take over or join forces when necessary.

But it’s not all business. We planned a ski trip and weekend getaway in summer with our marketing colleagues for the past 2 years and aim to go for dinner and drinks regularly. Combined with an enthusiastic and young team, this provides an informal and inspiring

What has always struck me is the level of responsibility we receive from day one. When starting your career here, you start with some entry level exercises, immediately followed by more tailored analyses, of course, with the necessary support. But whatever your focus is, there’s a
possibility to give direction to your work and work together with colleagues from all levels up to management level.

Zooming in on my steps at the Wehkamp Retail Group. Despite starting my career mid covid with its additional lockdowns, the team did their best giving me a warm welcome and supporting me with my new activities. Personally, I was particularly interested in analytics for Buying &
Sales, for which you can think of brand- , return- and customer analyses. Being a lesser known area, I got to investigate the opportunities while building relationships and a road map. Over the last year I also included communication with our market research partners, integrating their
insights into our own data structure and providing a helping hand in campaign evaluation.

All of these different parts keep my work exciting and my days versatile. Like Dutch weather, I can go from performing an analysis on our new paid returns policy to creating a dashboard in Tableau, discussing new research tools and giving a presentation for one of our suppliers all in
one day. What keeps me particularly enthusiastic is the freedom to integrate new initiatives, like employer branding events and the supporting work I do for our sustainability team once a week. If this sparked your excitement and you’re interested to learn more, sign up for the workshop on
decoding churn in retail, link me or my colleagues on LinkedIn, or stop by our stand during the Marketing Conference.