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Gaby Kats' journey at Zonneplan: From intern to Junior Campaign Marketer

This is Gaby, she has been working at Zonneplan for over 2 years. She started as a collaborative intern and also completed her graduate internship at Zonneplan. Meanwhile, Gaby has been promoted to Junior Campaign Marketer, where she makes a valuable contribution to Zonneplan's marketing communication.

Gaby ensures that the right leads are generated by managing direct mail campaigns, supporting business projects and managing affiliate channels. As a junior campaign marketer at Zonneplan, Gaby is constantly involved in these various marketing activities. She says, "My goal is to make sure people come to Zonneplan, that they know we are here and what we stand for."

The role of Junior Campaign Marketer

Gaby's duties vary from day to day, which is exactly what makes her job so much fun. Much of her duties involve supporting the Senior Campaign Marketer. This includes everything from preparing and creating brochures to arranging business communications. Gaby ensures that projects run smoothly, for example by collecting addresses, creating teasers and offers. Another important task within her position is affiliate marketing. "I enter into collaborations with other parties to increase the visibility of Zonneplan," she says. This makes her job varied and exciting.

Internship and graduate internship

Gaby started at Zonneplan as a collaborative intern, where she independently carried out projects such as creating brochures. Her graduation research was about recruiting potential customers for dynamic energy contracts and improving the purchase process. "At Zonneplan, you really make an impact as an intern," says Gaby. That's also what attracted her to the company. Gaby is particularly proud of her graduate research. When she presented her results and findings, they were immediately picked up and incorporated into other projects. "This was obviously very nice to see and it did me good that my research really had an impact!"

Big fan of Zonneplan

"I really like Zonneplan as a company," says Gaby. "Every day there is something new you can learn." Gaby enjoys going to work every day. Zonneplan has a fun and young team, and she values that. The average age at the company is 29, with colleagues of different ages. Every day you are surrounded by colleagues who are in the same stage of life as you. They work hard and do their best, but there is also room for a joke and Friday afternoon drinks. "It's a hip company". So, it's anything but old-fashioned, and that's what really attracts her. Gaby's advice to potential Zonneplan colleagues? "Just do it!"

Look at yourself

Gaby emphasizes that before you start an internship or entry-level job, look at what you like or what appeals to you. "If you have a good feeling and it's a field that attracts you, it has to be right," she says. What she finds important and interesting is the sustainable aspect and contributing to it. She also enjoys the creative side of her job. As a tip, Gaby offers, "If you start an internship at a company or position you don't like, it will be a tough period. So, choose something that feels good!"

Grow and learn as you go!

During your internships, you will learn an enormous amount and make great strides. This way you develop not only your hard skills, but also your soft skills. For example, Gaby had to learn what it is like to make external phone calls, which was challenging at first because of her call anxiety. During her internship, she had to make a lot of phone calls, so now her call anxiety has completely disappeared. "You not only gain practical experience, but also develop knowledge and skills. Whether it's liaising with companies, graphic design or project coordination, every day brings new challenges."

Do you also want to become an intern or employee at Zonneplan?

This is your chance to be part of Zonneplan just like Gaby. Are you accidentally looking for an internship or job or are you curious which opportunities Zonneplan currently has to offer? Take a look at our vacancies!