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Bedrijvenvereniging Zuidoost

About Bedrijvenvereniging Zuidoost

In 2004, the new merged association was given the name Vereniging Bedrijvenpark Zuidoost, abbreviated VBZO. In 2018 we changed our name to Bedrijvenvereniging Zuidoost, simply ZO or Zuidoost. We are one of the four business associations (Business Association WEST, VBNO, GCC and ZO) in the city of Groningen. Our business park consists of a number of sub-areas: Bornholmstraat, Winschoterdiep, Scandinavian ports, Driebond, Eemspoort, Euvelgunne, De Meeuwen, Sontplein area, Europapark and Roodehaan.

The objectives of the predecessors of ZO were good management of the site, the formation of a clear voice in the Groningen economic debate and influence on decision-making that affects entrepreneurs. And we would like to continue this with and for all our doers, dare thinkers and go-getters at South East!

Why Bedrijvenvereniging Zuidoost?

  • Dynamic network of 320 entrepreneurs 

  • Networking and the opportunity to do business through our own member portal

  • Free entrance for interesting events

  • Clean, safe and accessible Zuidoost through active terrain management 

  • Always up to date about relevant entrepreneurial news

  • Your entrepreneurial interest come first through advocacy