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Positie 1

About Positie 1

Positie 1 is an online marketing company founded in Zwolle. Their mission: helping entrepreneurs to be and stay visible online. To realize online growth together. They want a sustainable and equal partnership with their clients. 

Their approach

Eric Haasjes is the founder of Positie 1 and meanwhile, he is supported by a fantastic team of specialists. The core values of the growing company are based on innovation, focus, proactivity, personal leadership, reliability, and having fun! Based on these core values, the team carries out the tasks for their clients. They give advice and accomplish the execution. They always draw up a concrete and clear annual plan. An annual plan consisting of 4 phases, with a specific focus in each phase. 

Their ambition

All the knowledge gained in recent years comes together in their marketing approach. They adapt the machine to the wishes of the customer to create better online findability. The team is enthusiastic and does what they do with conviction and love. From Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising to social advertising, content specialist, and conversion optimization.


Contact Information

Eric Haasjes