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About SmartRanking

SmartRanking is an SEO agency based in Groningen. Unlike most online marketing agencies, we have chosen to focus on one service: search engine optimization. We believe that a marketer can only be good in one field and cannot have complete knowledge of everything. Because of our focus, we can truly excel in the service of SEO.

Search engine optimization is a process with which we improve our clients' websites for website visitors. This includes aspects such as load speed, relevant content, and conveying trustworthiness. With our team of 18 specialists, we help our clients improve their website from A to Z. We do this in SEO teams of 4 to 6 colleagues, where we implement optimizations on the websites of clients monthly.

Our focus is mainly on e-commerce and B2B websites, many of our clients are active in competitive markets. Thus, we do not work for the small local entrepreneur, but usually for companies that target a complete region, the national market, or even the international market. We love a challenge, and our colleagues describe themselves as real professionals passionate about their field. As an organization, we are sincere and honest, aiming to genuinely help our colleagues and clients. As an agency, we are not looking for quick movers, but marketers who have a genuine interest in SEO and enjoy the game.


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