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Recruitment activities

Recruitment lunch or diner

On the day of the Conference companies will have the possibility to get in contact with resume selected, high profile students during the lunch or diner. Both the lunch and the diner will take place in a separated space, which gives the student (and the company) the opportunity to benefit optimally from this activity.

Have Diner with your future employer!

We would like to welcome all participants who are interested in our partner companies for our recruitment diner. As a participant you have the great opportunity to have a talk with Belsimpel who will join us for a nice 3 course diner at Newscafe Groningen. 

Have Lunch with your future employer!

Besides the recruitment diner, you also have the opportunity for a recruitment lunch. During the day there will be a lunch in the Wine and Dine area of the Euroborg. This is a great change to get in touch with your future employer!

Business dates

During the Conference there is the possibility to attend to business dates. Here, companies will be provided the chance to have individual conversations with students selected on their resume. You will have a conversation which is ideal to get in touch with interesting businesses. Are you ready for your next step or just orientating for what is next? Take this opportunity to get into conversation with our partners.