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Discussion Panel

Rodger Werkhoven (Open AI) 

Rodger is a global GenAI speaker and consultant, advising professionals on responsible AI implementation. As part of a select group led by Natalie Summers, he collaborated closely with OpenAI’s developers on DALL•E 2 and ChatGPT, contributing to their successful launches. Rodger’s expertise extends to exposing biases, improving usability, and promoting AI’s creative potential. Today, he continues to experiment with ChatGPT’s innovative Multi Modal versions.

Rick Bakker (Tommorowmen)

Rick is a Digital Marketing Consultant and Lead Innovation at Tomorrowmen™️. With over seven years of experience, he’s been instrumental in the agency’s remarkable successes, including a recent second-place win at the Dutch Search Awards. Rick’s mission is to drive growth and knowledge sharing in the digital marketing scene, reflected in his contributions to the Marketingfacts Jaarboek.

Join Rodger and Rick as they open our discussion panel, exploring the impact of AI on productivity and creativity. Explore the various advantages and disadvantages of AI, as well as the opportunities and risks it entails. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation! 🚀