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Keynote 2


Salesforce, Inc. is an international company offering business software in the field of customer relationship management, in the form of software as a service based on cloud computing. With a focus on innovation and customer-centric tools, Salesforce helps companies manage relationships and streamline operations effectively.

Tom, with a seven-year tenure at Salesforce, is an enterprise account executive with a specialization in Digital Sales, concentrating on the largest global customers based in the Netherlands. He has a background in consultancy and an educational foundation in Engineering.

Floris is a solution engineer focussing on enterprise customers in the retail and consumer goods space. His role involves translating the business requirements of his customers into technological solutions. His educational background is in management and data science.

During the conference, Tom and Floris will speak on the second-subtheme: A Customer-Centric Odyssey – Discovering the Digital Thread in Customer Journeys.

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