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Keynote 3


Meta, formerly Facebook, Inc., is an American company that owns, among other things, the websites and apps Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Threads. On October 28, 2021, Facebook, Inc. was renamed Meta to underscore its vision that the metaverse is the future. The company is considered one of the Big Five in the American technology industry. It generates the majority of its revenue through selling advertisements.

As the Head of Industry at Meta, Karlijn Vogel-Meijer leads Meta’s Disruptor Business for Benelux. Her experiences at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines including her role as Director Social Media, instilled in her values of thinking ‘customer-first’ and prioritizing data-driven strategies. Now, she’s passionate about the exciting possibilities of artificial intelligence in marketing, leveraging it to unlock new opportunities and drive impactful results.

During the conference, Karlijn Vogel-Meijer will speak on the third-subtheme: From Transaction to Trust: Cultivating Everlasting Connections

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