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Diving into the Consumer’s Mind: Unveiling Real Needs and Desires

For years, the concept of marketing has been about everything companies undertake to promote the buying or selling of a product or service, hereby aiming to create value for their customers. But, how do you create value and satisfy needs if you do not know who your customers are and what it is that they exactly desire? 

With customers wanting to take a more active role in society and having higher expectations of businesses nowadays, understanding and engaging with consumers has become more challenging and complex than before. Different opinions, perspectives and fast-changing needs: keeping up with this is crucial. 

Companies must therefore dive into the minds of their customers to discover their actual needs to serve them rightly. And while operating in a rapidly changing environment in a tech-driven age, companies must also delve into the world of technology to explore how techniques like artificial intelligence (AI) can serve as a tool to gain more insights into the needs of their customers.

After all, a customer journey with potential for success can only be established when a company possesses the competencies to genuinely comprehend and fulfil its customers’ needs while understanding which needs should be served to effectively attract and engage customers.